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MantraCare is COVID 19 Safe

  • Our surgical centers are COVID safe
  • Regular sanitization of clinic & hospital premises
  • Immediate medical assistance through Online Consultation

USFDA Approved

Scarless & Painless

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What are Fillers?

Fillers or dermal fillers are gel-like substances that restore lost volume, smoothens deep creases and lines as well as enhances facial contours. In this procedure, doctors inject into these substances inside the skin to rejuvenate the facial tissues.

COVID 19 Safety Measures

Treatment of patients in COVID safe surgical centers

COVID test arranged for the surgical patients

Regular screening of staff for COVID related symptoms

Thermal screening of all the patients at the hospital entrance

Orderly sanitization of all the medical equipment

Surgeons equipped with PPE kits during surgery



Before the procedure, the doctor performs a physical examination around the area of concern and asks about several questions pertaining to medical history. It is important to inform the doctor if the patient is suffering from certain allergies, skin and neurological disorders, or any medications that you take on a regular basis.


On the day of the procedure, the area is cleaned. Followed by this, the doctor administers anesthesia to numb the area temporarily. After deciding the appropriate amount of filler to be administered, the doctor injects the filler beneath the skin. After the treatment, you can go back to normal activities immediately.

Why Us ?

Protection Against Corona

  • Hospitals are sanitized daily
  • Screening of medical staff and patients at the entrance
  • Get private sanitized rooms
  • Surgeons are equipped with recommended PPE kits

Advanced Medical Treatment

  • MantraCare offers reliable surgical procedures
  • Laser-assisted and laparoscopic treatments
  • USFDA approved laser proceeding
  • All the doctors are highly experienced

Insurance Support

  • MantraCare offers a hassle-free insurance claim
  • All insurance covered
  • No cost EMI option available
  • We do all the paperwork to get your work done

Patient Care

  • Hospitals are sanitized daily
  • Free pick up & drop service for surgery
  • Get Care-buddy assistance throughout the surgical Journey
  • Painless Procedure with no cuts

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