Cornea Transplant / Keratoplasty Surgery​

Cornea transplant surgery, also called keratoplasty, is a procedure to replace a damaged cornea with a healthy one from a donor. The donor cornea may be from a human or an animal.

The surgery is usually done to improve vision. It can also be done to relieve pain or other symptoms caused by a diseased or injured cornea.Cornea transplant surgery usually takes 1 to 2 hours. You will likely need to stay in the hospital overnight. You may have stitches that need to be removed in 1 to 2 weeks. Your eye will be covered with a bandage for the first day or two.

You will likely need to see your eye doctor often for follow-up appointments for at least the first year after surgery.

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Causes Of Corneal Diseases

Infection from wearing contact lenses
Infection from wearing contact lenses
Trauma or injury
Trauma or injury to the Eye
Inflammation or distortion of the cornea
Inflammation or distortion of the cornea
Corneal scarring
Dry eye conditions

Types of Corneal Transplant Surgeries

Corneal transplant surgery is performed to replace a diseased or damaged cornea with a healthy one. The three main types of corneal transplant surgeries are full-thickness, partial-thickness, and lamellar.

Full-thickness corneal transplant surgery, also known as penetrating keratoplasty (PK), is the most common type of corneal transplant. In this procedure, the entire thickness of the diseased or damaged cornea is removed and replaced with a healthy donor cornea. PK surgery is used to treat conditions such as corneal scarring, keratoconus, and advanced forms of dry eye.

Partial-thickness corneal transplant surgery, also known as endothelial keratoplasty (EK), is less invasive than PK surgery and is used to treat conditions that affect the innermost layer of the cornea, known as the endothelium. In EK surgery, only the damaged endothelial layer is replaced with a healthy donor endothelium. This type of surgery is used to treat conditions such as Fuchs’ dystrophy and pseudophakic bullous keratopathy.

Lamellar corneal transplant surgery is a type of partial-thickness surgery that involves removing only the outermost layer of the cornea (the epithelium) or the innermost layer (the endothelium). This type of surgery is used to treat conditions such as keratoconus and corneal scarring.

Cornea Transplant Surgery Cost

Corneal treatment surgery can cost patients between ₹60,000/eye to ₹80,000/eye. To make the procedure more affordable for patients, MantraCare offers insurance and financing EMI options in addition to being one of the best eye hospitals that provides corneal treatment at the most competitive prices.

TreatmentCost (₹)
Foreign Body Removal Corneal 5000
Corneal Ulcer Scrapping & Cauterisation5000
Penetrating Keratoplasty50,000
C3R Corneal Collagen cross-linking with Riboflavin40,000

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Top Corneal Treatment / Keratoplasty Doctors

Dr. Shweta Jain
Dr. Shweta Jain
Cataract, Glaucoma, LASIK
Dr. Neha Wadhwa
Dr. Neha Wadhwa
Dr lalit
Dr. Lalit Chaudhary
Femtosecond LASIK
Dr. Poonam Gupta
Femtosecond LASIK

Happy Patients after Corneal Transplant / Keratoplasty


“There is nothing more satisfying than waking up to a new day with the full vision of both your eyes. Thanks to MantraCare, I was able to get Cornea Transplant Surgery done and now I can see the world clearly once again. Their staff is friendly and professional, always making sure that my treatment was on track at all times. I would highly recommend MantraCare to anyone who is looking for a reliable and top-notch healthcare service. Thank you so much, MantraCare!”

– Sharon

Frequently Asked Questions

Corneal transplant surgery is a medical procedure in which the diseased or damaged cornea of your eye gets replaced by a healthy and undamaged cornea. The surgical procedure involves removing all or part of your damaged cornea and replacing it with a graft to restore normal vision.

At MantraCare, cornea transplant surgery/keratoplasty starts from Rs. 50,000. The cost can vary depending on the hospital you choose and the surgeon you select. 

The cornea transplant surgery / keratoplasty at Mantracare is a safe procedure that takes around an hour to get over but a person has to stay in the operating room for 2 hours for a postoperative examination. 

Mantracare is the best hospital for cornea transplant surgery. They have top doctors with over 20,000+ satisfied clients. 

Some corneal transplants do last forever, but some demand to be replaced due to transplant refusal. That can occur even 20 years later. Due to the easy failure of the transplant’s new cells over time. It all depends on the age and health of the donor tissue, the warranty might simply run out.