C3R Surgery In Kurnool​

Corneal collagen crosslinking (CCL) is a common treatment for dry eye syndrome (DES), and it has also been used to improve visual acuity in patients with keratoconus. In recent years, CCL has also been used to treat corneal scarring, including after LASIK surgery.

One of the problems with CCL is that it can be expensive. One study found that the cost of CCL was about twice as high as the cost of LASIK procedures. One reason for this is that CCL uses riboflavin (vitamin B2) as an agent to crosslink the corneal collagen fibers. Riboflavin is a rare dietary vitamin and it can be difficult to find in some areas.

If you are considering CCL or LASIK surgery, be sure to discuss your options with your doctor in Kurnool.

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Procedure of C3R Eye Surgery

C3r surgery

The surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure under local anesthesia. First, the doctor will clean and prepare your eyes. They will then apply an anesthetic to the area surrounding your eye. After the anesthetic has taken effect, the doctor will place a small lens over your eye. The laser treatment will then begin.

The laser used in this procedure is called a femtosecond laser. The laser beam is so short that it only takes about 100 trillionths of a second to cause damage to the corneal collagen. Once the damage has been caused, the crosslinking process can begin.

The doctor will use riboflavin to help speed up the crosslinking process. Riboflavin is a vitamin that is also known as an antioxidant. It helps protect cells from damage and also speeds up the cross-linking process.

After crosslinking has been completed, your doctor will remove the lens and antibiotic ointment from your eyes. You will be able to return home immediately following surgery.

C3R Surgery Cost In Kurnool

The cost of C3R surgery in Kurnool can vary depending on the hospital you choose and the type of surgery you need. The cost of C3R surgery in Kurnool varies between ₹25,000 to 50,000 per eye. C3R treatment is often combined with different lenses as shown below:

  • Simple C3R treatment: Riboflavin and laser is used to strengthen the cornea and treat keratoconus. Costs around ₹25000/ eye. 
  • C3R + RGP Lenses = Along with C3R, RGP or rigid contact lenses are prescribed. This gives clear eyesight without any issues. Costs around ₹30000/ eye. 
  • C3R + Scleral Lens = Along with C3R, Scleral contact lenses are prescribed. These are large contact lens that rests on the sclera and creates a tear-filled vault over the cornea. Costs around ₹35000/ eye. 
  • C3R + ICL = Along with C3R, ICL surgery is done to permanently place a lens inside eye. ICL corrects your eye power as well. Contact lenses are not needed. Costs around ₹60000/ eye. 

C3R Surgery Hospitals in Kurnool​

There are several C3R eye hospitals in Kurnool, including MantraCare Kurnool, Eye Clinic Kurnool, Eye Center Kurnool, and Eye Mantra Kurnool. EyeMantra is one of Kurnool’s leading C3R treatment center, with over 100,000 eyes operated by its doctors. Our hospitals in Kurnool are accessible from the following areas :

  • Srisailam
  • Sampath Nagar
  • Panchalingala
  • Pullur
  • Teachers Colony
  • Nandyal
  • Yemmiganur
  • Adoni
  • Ulchala
  • Prakash Nagar
  • River View Colony
  • Nandyal Road
  • A Camp
  • Guru Raghavendra Nagar
  • B Camp
  • Nannur
  • Shareen Nagar
  • Mantralayam
  • Mahalakshmi Nagar
  • Balaji Nagar
  • Alluri Sitarama Raju Nagar
  • Kallur
  • Gandhi Nagar
  • Dhone
  • Deva Nagar
  • Banaganapalli
  • Kodumur
  • Nandikotkur
  • Sita Rama Nagar
  • Maddur Nagar
  • Orvakal
  • N R Peta
  • Nehru Auto Nagar
  • Lakshmi Nagar Colony
  • Ashok Nagar
  • B Thandrapadu
  • NH-18
  • Dinnedevarapadu
  • Santosh Nagar Colony

Top C3R Surgery Doctors in Kurnool

Dr. Shweta Jain
Dr. Shweta Jain
Cataract, Glaucoma, LASIK
Dr. Neha Wadhwa
Dr. Neha Wadhwa
Dr lalit
Dr. Lalit Chaudhary
Femtosecond LASIK
Dr. Poonam Gupta
Femtosecond LASIK

Happy Patients from Kurnool after C3R Surgery

Rishi Sachdeva

“I am very thankful for the opportunity to have been provided with this service. I was told by my doctors, who are not so familiar with corneal collagen crosslinking, that it is a minimally invasive and effective procedure. I have experienced great improvement in my vision since having the procedure done.”

– Rishi (Kurnool)

Frequently Asked Questions

C3R surgery, also called corneal collagen cross-linking with riboflavin, is a treatment for keratoconus and other corneal disorders. It strengthens the cornea by creating new bonds between its collagen fibers. This makes the cornea more resistant to changes in shape. MantraCare Kurnool offers one of the best facilities and doctors for C3R treatment. 

There are a few potential side effects of C3R surgery. These include:

  • Infection: The chances of developing an infection after c3r surgery are low, but it is still a possibility.
  • Scarring: Surgery may result in scarring. The amount and severity of scarring will depend on the individual.
  • Bleeding: There is a small risk of bleeding during or after surgery.
  • Nerve damage: There is a very small risk that nerves can be damaged during surgery. 
  • Pain: Some people experience pain after c3r surgery, although this is usually mild and manageable

At MantraCare Kurnool, C3R surgery costs around Rs. 20,000/ eye. The cost varies based on the complexity of the case. We also offer insurance and EMI facilities for C3R surgery.

C3r surgery recovery time can vary depending on the individual. However, most people can expect to be back to their normal activities within 2-4 weeks. 

Mantracare is the best hospital for Holcomb C3R treatment in Kurnool. They have top C3R doctors with over 20,000+ satisfied clients.