Laser Vaginal Tightening: Procedure, Need, and Benefits


Deficiency in estrogen leads to several physical changes of the vulva, vagina and lower urinary tract. The female may suffer from vaginal dryness, burning sensation, irritation, lack of lubrication, painful intercourse, as well as urinary symptoms such as urgency, painful urination and UTIs. Vaginal discomfort including vaginal dryness, burning sensation, irritation, lack of lubrication and urinary incontinence can also occur in perimenopause stage and after childbirth. The estrogen levels are low in both perimenopause stage and after childbirth. The symptoms of vaginal discomfort may jeopardize sexual function and quality of life. If not treated, the symptoms can also worsen with time.Laser vaginal tightening is an effective and safe cosmetic procedure in treating the troublesome vaginal and urinary conditions. The results of the treatment are positive for increasing sexual function and eliminating symptoms of vaginal discomfort. Laser vaginal tightening procedure is a pain-free laser procedure which aims to bring back the natural elasticity of the vagina. This procedure is completed in under 20 minutes and is carried out in 4 to 5 sessions, each at a gap of about 4 weeks. This procedure is carried out with laser energy and there would be no cuts, sutures, blood loss, pain or hospitalization after laser vaginal tightening. The female can resume her normal lifestyle and needs no bed rest after the laser sessions.

Benefits of Laser Vaginal Tightening

  • Reduced looseness & laxity of vaginal muscles

  • Relief from vaginal dryness and itching

  • Cure for urinary problems like urinary leakage (Stress Urinary Incontinence) and vaginal prolapse

  • Enhances overall vaginal health

  • Long lasting effects, up to 4-5 years

  • Restores vaginal suppleness

  • Unifies the texture of the vaginal skin

  • No downtime from regular activities

  • Repairs childbirth damage

  • Increased sexual confidence

  • Heightened orgasms

  • Improved Relationships

  • Removes friction during movements

  • Eliminates pain during intercourse

  • Enhanced sex drive

  • Boosts general self esteem

Why does a female need vaginal tightening?

Vaginal muscles are elastic in nature. These vaginal muscles tend to retain their original shape and size. But, over a period of time, certain factors (such as menopause, multiple vaginal deliveries, menopause or low estrogen levels) can cause changes in the vagina such as dryness, looseness, pain during sex, painful urination etc. However, doctors are of the view that the vagina never completely loses its elasticity. Here are the factors that cause changes in the vagina over time:
  • Multiple vaginal deliveries

  • Menopause

  • Aging

  • Low estrogen levels

  • Retarded cell regeneration

  • Poor blood flow at the genitalia

  • Prolapsed bladder

  • Sudden weight loss

  • Obesity

What is the procedure of Laser Vaginal Tightening?

The CO2 fractional laser gently creates indistinguishable micro-lesions in the areas to be treated. The micro-lesions are required for the production of new collagen in the vagina, which reorganizes the components of the vaginal mucosa.Generally, a female needs about 4-6 sessions of laser treatment for vaginal tightening. Each session is completed in less than 20 minutes and the female is fit to resume her normal lifestyle right after the treatment. A gap of 22-25 days is given after each laser session. The exact number of laser sessions required is determined only after diagnosis.

What are the results of Laser Vaginal Tightening?

A tissue regeneration process is triggered with the laser treatment. Significant improvements can be observed even after the first laser session. With the laser treatment, the vaginal mucosa will become more nourished and lubricated and the epithelium will become more toned, elastic and thick. The correct pH ia also re-established with the laser treatment. The pH balance will help in maintaining the protective barrier after infections and reducing the risk of infections in the vagina. Enhanced vaginal tissues will reduce problems such as urinary incontinence and improve sexual function.

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