Scleral Buckle Surgery In Rourkela​

Scleral buckle surgery is a popular and effective way to correct strabismus. The sclera, or white of the eye, can become displaced due to an abnormal muscle imbalance in the eye. This can cause the eyes to point in different directions and is often treated with surgery.

The procedure involves making a small cut in the skin around the eye and using a special tool called a scleral buckle to gently fix the eye in its normal position. The surgery is relatively painless and most people can go home the same day. Recovery time is usually short, and patients can resume normal activities within a few days.

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Scleral Buckling Procedure

scleral buckling

The Scleral Buckling Surgery is a delicate and complex operation that restores the normal shape of the eye. It is a type of surgery that uses a small amount of plastic surgery to tighten and restore the curvature in the lens of the eye. This procedure is often used to correct severe cataracts or glaucoma.

  • The surgeon will make an incision in the lower eyelid, just above the pupil.
  • The surgeon will use a special tool to gently lift and stretch the upper eyelid so that it can be easily removed.
  • The surgeon will then make an incision in the center of the lid, just above the iris (the colored part of your eye).
  • The surgeon will insert a tiny camera through this opening to view the inside of your eye. This helps to ensure that the surgical area is precisely located and avoids any damage to your eyeball or surrounding tissue.
  • The surgeon will then use a special instrument to remove excess fat and other tissues from around your eyesight (the “tunnel”).
  • The surgeon will use a small scalpel to cut into your eyeball (a “segmentectomy”).
  • The surgeon will then use a special instrument to remove the defective lens from your eye (a “lens extraction”). 
  • Finally, the surgeon will replace your damaged lens with an artificial one

Why Scleral Buckling?

There are several benefits to having this surgery performed, including:

  • Increased visual acuity.
  • Improved vision in both near and far distances.
  • Reduced or eliminated need for glasses or contact lenses.
  • Reduced or eliminated need for surgery to correct other vision problems, such as astigmatism or refractive errors.
    Faster recovery time than traditional surgeries.
cross sectioned eye showing scleral buckle

Scleral Buckle Surgery Cost In Rourkela

The cost of scleral buckle surgery varies depending on the severity of the retinal detachment and the number of bands that are needed to repair the retina. In general, scleral buckle surgery costs varies between ₹55,000 to ₹70,000. Scleral buckle surgery is typically covered by health insurance plans.

Scleral Buckle Surgery Hospitals in Rourkela​

There are several scleral buckle eye hospitals in Rourkela, including MantraCare Rourkela, Eye Clinic Rourkela, Eye Center Rourkela, and Eye Mantra Rourkela. EyeMantra is one of Rourkela’s leading scleral buckle treatment center, with over 100,000 eyes operated by its doctors. Our hospitals in Rourkela are accessible from the following areas :

  • Jalda
  • Bisra
  • Udit Nagar
  • Vedvyas
  • Chhend Colony
  • Santoshpur
  • Basanti Nagar
  • Sector-1
  • Dandiapali
  • Rajamunda
  • Koel Nagar
  • Civil Twp
  • Jagda

Top Scleral Buckle Doctors in Rourkela

Dr. Shweta Jain
Cataract, Retina, Glaucoma, LASIK
Dr. Neha Wadhwa
Dr. Saurabh Jain
Cataract, Retina, Glaucoma, LASIK
Dr. Harleen Kaur
Cataract, Retina, Glaucoma, LASIK

Happy Patients from Rourkela after Scleral Buckle Surgery

Megha Kaushik

“I had a scleral buckle surgery done at MantraCare in Rourkela and I am extremely happy with the result. They have given me back my confidence.”

– Megha (Rourkela)

Frequently Asked Questions

Scleral buckle surgery is a type of eye surgery that is used to treat retinal detachments. The surgery involves placing a band around the outside of the eye, which helps to hold the retina in place. The surgery is usually done in combination with other procedures, such as laser surgery or vitrectomy. MantraCare Rourkela offers one of the best facilities & doctors for Scleral buckle surgeries.

There are several risks associated with scleral buckling such as:

  • Infection: There is a risk of infection associated with any surgery, and scleral buckling is no exception. 
  • Bleeding: There is also a risk of bleeding during or after scleral buckling surgery. 
  • Retinal Detachment: One of the more serious risks associated with scleral buckling is retinal detachment. This occurs when the retina becomes separated from the back of the eye and can lead to vision loss. 
  • Glaucoma: Another potential complication of scleral buckling surgery is glaucoma. This occurs when the pressure in the eye increases, which can damage the optic nerve and lead to vision loss.

At MantraCare Rourkela, the scleral buckle surgery costs around Rs. 55,000. The cost varies based on the complexity of the case and the procedure used.

Recovery from scleral buckle surgery usually takes one to two weeks. During this time, you will need to avoid strenuous activity and protect your eye from injury.

Mantracare is one of the best hospital for scleral buckle surgery in Rourkela. They have top retina doctors with over 20,000+ satisfied clients.