ICL Surgery In Hauz Khas​

If you’re looking for ICL eye surgery in Hauz Khas, you’ve come to the right place. Here at our clinic, we offer the latest and most advanced ICL procedure available, and our experienced team of surgeons are dedicated to providing each and every one of our patients with the best possible care.

The ICL procedure is an outpatient procedure that is performed under local anesthesia. The entire surgery takes less than 30 minutes, and patients can typically return to their normal activities within a day or two.

During the procedure, a small incision is made in the eye and a thin lens is inserted into the eye’s natural cavity. This lens helps to correct vision by bending light as it enters the eye. Once in place, the lens stays permanently in the eye and does not require any special care or maintenance.

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When to choose ICL Surgery over Lasik?

Eye power higher than 8D & up to 18D
Cornea weaker than 450 microns
Unhealthy cornea involving Keratoconus
Dry eye conditions
Dry eye conditions

Which conditions can ICL treat?

ICL surgery is similar to LASIK as it also helps in removal of glasses or contact lenses. However, instead of reshaping the cornea, ICL surgery involves implanting a small lens inside the eye. 

normal vision lasik
Normal Vision
Myopia vision
Myopia [Near Sightedness]
hyperopia vision Lasik
Hyperopia [Far Sightedness]
astigmatism vision lasik

ICL Surgery Cost In Hauz Khas

The cost of ICL eye surgery in Hauz Khas varies  between 55,000/eye to 80,000/eye. MantraCare is one of the best eye hospitals in Hauz Khas, and it offers ICL eye surgery at the most competitive prices. MantraCare also offers insurance, financing EMI options for ICL surgery to make the procedure more affordable for patients.

ProcedureLens / Procedure TypePrice/Eye (₹)
LASIK In Hauz KhasC-Lasik / PRK30,000
Basic ICL Surgery Cost In Hauz KhasIndian Lens35,000
IPCL Lens Surgery Cost In Hauz KhasToric Lens55,000
IPCL Lens Surgery Cost In Hauz KhasNon-Toric Lens50,000
EVO Staar Visian ICL Lens Surgery Cost In Hauz KhasToric Lens75,000
EVO Staar Visian ICL Lens Surgery Cost In Hauz KhasNon Toric Lens65,000

ICL Lens options

There are many different types of ICL lenses available in Hauz Khas. Each type has its own unique set of features and benefits:

  • Visian ICL: Visian ICL is the most popular lens for ICL surgery. It costs around ₹30,000-₹50,000/ eye. 
  • Staar ICL: Staar ICL is another premium ICL lens. Staar ICL is designed to be durable. It costs around ₹55,000-₹50,000/ eye. 
  • EVO visian ICL: The EVO visian ICL is a newer type of lens that is becoming increasingly popular.  It costs around ₹55,000-₹50,000/ eye.
  • IPCL: The IPCL is the most recent type of lens to hit the market. It is cost-effective with good results. It costs around ₹25,000-₹55,000/ eye.

Top ICL Doctors in Hauz Khas

Dr. Shweta Jain
Cataract, Retina, Glaucoma, LASIK
Dr. Neha Wadhwa
Dr. Saurabh Jain
Cataract, Retina, Glaucoma, LASIK
Dr. Harleen Kaur
Cataract, Retina, Glaucoma, LASIK

Happy ICL Patients from Hauz Khas

Megha Kaushik

I recently underwent ICL eye surgery at MantraCare in Hauz Khas, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. The staff was professional and attentive throughout my entire experience, and I felt completely confident in their ability to provide high-quality care and treatment. The ICL eye surgery itself was fast and virtually pain-free, and I was able to return to my normal activities almost immediately after the procedure.

– Megha Kaushik (Hauz Khas, Delhi)

Frequently Asked Questions

ICL or Implantable Collamer lens eye surgery is a type of eye surgery used to correct nearsightedness and farsightedness. During the procedure, your surgeon will place an implantable lens into your eye, removing your eye power or number. 

For more information on ICL surgery, you can visit Mantracare Hospital in Hauz Khas.

At MantraCare Hauz Khas, ICL surgery starts from Rs. 55,000. The cost increases as you go for premium lenses such as Visian or EVO Staar.

The ICL surgery at Mantracare Hauz Khas is a safe procedure that takes around 15-20 minutes. The doctor produces a micro-opening to inject the lens into the eye with an injector. You get discharged the same day and can see better the next day.

The ICL is different from  Lasik as :

  • It does not cut or eliminate tissue from the cornea
  • Cornea holds it a natural shape
  • It is durable surgery over time, no regression
  • It is preferred for greater degrees of myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and thin corneas

Mantracare is the best hospital for ICL surgery in Hauz Khas. They have top ICL doctors with over 20,000+ satisfied clients. They offer all the ICL lenses starting from IPCL, Visian ICL, Staar ICL to EVO Visian, at the most affordable cost.

ICL surgery is a safe procedure. However, there are certain risk involved such as higher chances of getting cataract & glaucoma.